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We know that getting seasoned and enjoying life as we age is important.   Just because you are a senior doesn't mean that you don't have style.


In our company it is important to us that we design all senior living communities with families in mind.  Our objective is to create a space for our seniors that makes them feel at home.  It is important that we never just design a space because of looks, but design a space based on the needs of our seniors. Elegance, style, and functionality still play a vital part in our seniors lives.



Dining at The Buckingham

Lobby at The Buckingham

Oyster Creek Manor Dining

Oyster Creek Manor Living 

"To watch my grandparents age gracefully became my mission.  Seniors are important to me, and I want them to feel that their purpose in life is to give wisdom and knowledge to the upcoming generations.   For this reason I want them to feel comfort, luxury, and have a peace of mind as they inhabit their spaces daily."    

- Marlowe D. Green

We take pride in our work covering and protecting your investment, making your space clean and perfect for you to enjoy.

Marlowe Designs Corporation is a Licensed, bonded, and Insured entity.  We want to make your renovation and restoration a secured and protected environment so you can be at ease as create a space that is timeless, and desired.

We are experienced in all types of flooring:

·         Hardwood

·         Carpeting

·         Special Stones (Limestone, Slate, Marble)

·         LVT

·         Tile

·         VCT

From custom closets, bathrooms, kitchens, and everyday living spaces, we can supply your facility needs.