Marlowe Designs


Have questions about hiring an interior designer, look no further.


If you have never hired an interior designer or have questions that need to be answered.


What do you offer?

Marlowe Designs offers design consultations, space planning, paint selections, upholstery, window treatments, custom bedding, custom drapery & hardware, furniture, flooring such as carpet, wood, and tile, wallpaper and faux finishing, accessories such as paintings, decorative boxes, silk floral arrangements, hardware for cabinets and drawers, rugs, pillows and much more.

What does turnkey mean?

Making your house move in ready! Unpacking boxes and cleaning. 

Bathroom - detailing, adding soap dish, tissue holder, trash can, towels, shower curtain and bath rugs

Kitchen - adding décor, barstools, furniture, dishes, cutlery.

Bedrooms - Creating an oasis by adding bedding, sheets, pillows, a bench(if needed), silk plants, rugs, and furniture.

What if I just want to change some things in my existing home?


That's fine! Marlowe Designs will come and have a consultation with you.

We can talk about paint selections, installing flooring, change/replace lighting fixtures, re-upholster existing furniture, re-finish existing furniture, room staging, or just plain old fashion spring cleaning and decluttering.

Can I hire you for a specific task?


Yes, we can accommodate you whether its hanging artwork, light fixtures or staging.



Can I hire you just to do personal shopping?


Yes, we will charge you an hourly fee plus the cost of the items.

While we are out we will take pictures of the items selected, deliver them to your home, and set them up.

How much do you charge?


Pricing varies based upon each task. We make sure to stay within your budget. We work with moderate to high-end clients.